Sno Babies

A 16-year-old heroin addicted honor student (KATIE KELLY) hides her addiction from her family as she battles the underbelly of suburban teen life.

PRODUCERS: Allen Kovac | Mike Walsh | Michael Lombardi

DIRECTOR:   Bridget Smith

WRITER:       Mike Walsh

STARRING:   Katie Kelly, Paola Andino, MIchael Lombardi, Shannan Wilson, Abbey Haffer, Dominic Costa, Ken Arnold, Myles Clohessy, Corrie Graham, Gemma Mcilhenny, Niko Terho, Andrew Hunsicker, Rich Henkels, Gianna Gagliardi, Avery, McGee, Joe Conklin, Meryl Williams, Molly Logan Chase, Jane Stiles, Evangeline Young,  Greg Nutcher, Liv Adelman, Kevin D. Benton, and Regan Ferrier.  

Katie Kelly

Paola Andino

Shannan Wilson

Michael Lombardi

Abbey Hafer

Dominic Costa

From the very beginning, Director Bridget Smith impresses that the film will be a no-nonsense, realistic, captivating watch"

- Gilbert Shea - Afro Toronto

“From the first minute, I was hooked. Ridiculously powerful movie!”


"A powerful film that will stick with you for days, if not weeks, after seeing it."

- Scott Menzel -We Live Entertainment

"This movie is emotional, affecting, and well acted."

- Common sense media

"Sno Babies announces Katie Kelly as someone to watch. The young actress has an "x" factor."

- Joey Magidson - Hollywood News

"A must see heartbreaking tale about the harsh realities of addiction."

- Hollywood Critics Association

"An emotionally powerful film with a strong message."

- Debbie Lynn Elias - Behind The Lens

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"A riveting coming of age tale that takes its audience through the understanding of addiction."

- Gerald Wright - Film Showcase

"Director Bridget Smith and Writer Mike Walsh show addictions ugly reality and it's effect on middle class suburbia."

- Red Carpet Crash

"A harrowing slice of life tale and grueling, compelling watch. It has an authenticity which is chilling."

- Alex First - First on Film and Entertainment


"Powerful, gripping, raw! The characters grab your soul and pull you into the story."

- Cory Ann - Rotten Tomatoes

"It has been a long time since a movie made me feel so deeply. I was blown away."

- Bethany L - Rotten Tomatoes

"Powerful, heartbreaking story that every parent should see."

- Sierra D - Amazon Prime